Printing in the library

Starting in term 2, students that need to use the printer in the library will have to use the new PAPERCUT system.

Students can log in to the Papercut site with their normal College username and password, at the address
and see how much credit they have on their Papercut account. Student accounts start with $0.00 on them.

Please note that the Papercut website can only be reached while on the College network.

Students wanting to use the printer in the library will need to put credit onto their Papercut account. They can do this by buying cards in the value of $2 and $5 at reception, and then going to the Papercut site and redeeming the card there.

The library printer will still cost $0.10 per black and white page and $0.50 per page with ANY colour on it.
Students will now be able to print from their iPads while at school, as long as they have credit on their Papercut account.
Students should only print to library printers when they are in the library, and are not to leave class to pick up material they have printed.

More instructions on how to print will be available on posters in the library at the start of term 2.