Letter to Parents re Culture of the College

Wednesday 26th April, 2017

 Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back to Term 2.  At the assembly this morning, the students were talked to about our expectations regarding the wearing of our uniform, the use of phones and iPads, jewellery and hair and their response to the culture of our College.

The students were reminded that 95% of our student population respects and appreciates what a wonderful College they go to and at all times adhere to our College rules and regulations. However, there are approximately 5% of students, across all year groups, who defy these basic expectations, and these students are impacting on all the other students, which is totally unfair.

It has therefore been decided that the students who defy these basic rules and expectations will be dealt with immediately and will receive a consequence of an afternoon detention or a parental interview.

Students who wear incorrect parts of the uniform to school will be immediately be placed on an afternoon detention.  This will include jewellery, length of girls’ skirts, boys with their long-sleeved shirts out (Terms 2 & 3), boys without belts, incorrect coloured socks, blazers not being worn between classes and to and from school, boys’ ties not done up and incorrect stockings for girls.

Afternoon detentions will also be issued to students:

·         Chewing gum

·         Wearing ear and headphones to and from classes and in class

·         Excessive makeup for girls

·         Hair length below the collar and inappropriate styling for boys

·         Girls with hair not tied back

·         Incorrect school bags

·         Incorrect shoes

·         Misuse of phones and iPads

The students were also informed that any student who defies a teacher’s request in or outside of the classroom, will be removed from that class and sent to the Senior Study room (Xavier Study Room) for that period only.  In the first instance, these students will receive an afternoon detention.  In the second instance, an interview with parents/caregivers will be arranged.

These basic expectations are not new however, some of our students are working against the culture of the College that we are creating, a culture of excellence.  I would ask that you support us in our endeavour to ensure that your sons and daughters respect our authority as teachers and leaders of this great College.

If you would like to speak to somebody about this, please contact Mr Ross Gawthorne, Head of Mission on 4754 8900.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Paul Ryan,

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