Letter from Bishop Vincent Long to Parents re: Case 50

Commencing next week and running for three consecutive weeks, the Royal Commission will conduct what is being called Case Study 50. Case Study 50 will involve the appearance of more than 90 senior Catholic Church leaders from all over Australia and from many of its areas of service. The Case Study will be an exploration of the issues that have been raised throughout the Royal Commission hearings with leaders being asked to explain the strategies that have been put in place or are in-train to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children.

As you would expect, this will be a very challenging time for the Church. While these hearings are not investigations of new cases, and most of the information that will emerge is already known, the hearings will, for some, cause distress, hurt or anger.

With this in mind, the Diocese of Parramatta has prepared a suite of documents to help schools deal with the issues that may arise as a result of what emerges from these hearings.

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