Bishop of Parramatta Awards recognise student excellence

2015 Bishop's Award for Student Excellence from CatholicEdParra on Vimeo.

The annual Bishop’s Award for Student Excellence which recognises the religious and academic achievement of Year 12 students across the Diocese of Parramatta, were presented at St Patrick’s Cathedral on 3 September 2015. The award acknowledges the contribution of one Year 12 student from each Catholic secondary school towards their school and local community as nominated by their Principal. 

Priest responsible for Education and Formation, Rev Fr Christopher de Souza PP, said this award really acknowledges the wonderful contributions of students from our Diocese who are proclaiming the mission of Jesus Christ

‘For the Diocese it serves as a great sign of hope for the future that these students will continue the mission of Jesus Christ where they happen to live, in their Parishes,’ Fr Chris said. 

‘It is wonderful that these achievements have been acknowledged by the greater church and also expressed in their school and Parish communities,’ he said. 

The Executive Director of Schools, Greg Whitby, said the hope for graduates of Catholic schools was that they would become change agents in the world.

‘Catholic schools actually exist to give saints to the world and all we ask of them is that they do whatever they can to make the world a better place,’ Greg said.

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Bishop of Parramatta - Award for Student Excellence 2015 from CatholicEdParra on Vimeo.