Beyondblue - A Helping Hand

Georgina Dodd a Year 12 student at St. Columba’s Catholic College, Springwood, recently organised a fundraiser for beyondblue to help raise awareness of anxiety and depression touching the youth in our society and how individuals are affected.

While working on a Vinnies Van some time ago, Georgina met a young man, Ali, who shared his personal story and how he suffered from depression in the past. He talked about how it negatively affected the choices and decisions he made and how this was the first time he had opened up about his past. This had a deep impact on Georgina, as many suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression do not seek help, and this is extremely detrimental to not only the individual, but their friends and family in supporting them. Ali’s story inspired Georgina to do something to help.

Georgina came up with the idea of painting two of our fingernails (pinkie and thumb) blue, which resembles a phone. This is done to urge those affected to seek help by calling a helpline or someone they are close to. Last week, staff and students paid a gold coin donation to have their nails painted and on the Friday she organised a cake stall with the theme blue. Not only were staff and students extremely supportive of the idea, but we managed to raise over $1200 which will be donated to beyondblue to help them with their work in the community.