Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week at St Columba’s

On April 23rd 1564, the world’s greatest playwright was born in Stratford Upon Avon in England. Last 
week, St Columba’s celebrated his 450th birthday. Whilst the English syllabuses for K-12 indicate that 
Australian, Indigenous and Asian authors must be taught and that we must examine film, drama, novel, 
poetry and non-fiction texts, the only author specified for study is William Shakespeare. 

In Term 2, Year 9 have studied Shakespeare’s life and times and Romeo and Juliet; Year 10 are undertaking an Area of Study about Ambition and Macbeth; Year 12 Advanced is completing their Critical Study of Hamlet; and in Term 1, Year 11 Advanced studied Power and Othello. Shakespeare Week at St Columba’s saw the following events taking place: 

 Some Yr 9 students presented their pecha kucha speeches to a Yr 7 class. 
 Yr 8 was introduced to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in their poetry lessons. 
 All of Yr 7 worked together to change Shakespeare to Strine (see a report below). 
 The library was filled with amazing displays, films, a wall for students to add their favourite 
     Shakespeare quotes and a photo booth. 
 We had a sonnet writing competition, amazing cakes for a Shakespeare themed cake stall, a 
Shakespearean sausage sizzle, music in the courtyard and the man himself blowing out his birthday candles along with our students who share his birthday. Many people contributed to the great success of this celebration and we thank everyone for their enthusiasm and participation. Apart from the fun, we also raised $700 for the Diocesan Works Fund. 

Cake competition results -

Junior section 

First place: 
Madeline Teuma (Yr 8) 

Second place: 
Tara Brame and 
Mekdes Taylor / Jenna Hyde 
(Yr 7) 

Intermediate section 

First place: 
Zoe Taggart 
Second place: 
Kieran O’Rourke

 To view the photos from the day, click here.