Nepean Careers Market

Last Thursday all Year 10 and 12 attended the annual Nepean Careers Market.
The aim of the excursion was to expose the students to over 100 career related exhibitors ranging from universities, TAFE, private educational providers and employers. 
The students were initially exposed to a 30 minute presentation and then they spent another hour walking through the careers market. 
Their aim was to collect information pertinent to their career aspirations. Another aim was to talk to industry experts or educational providers about their career choices and gather as much information as possible so as to help them make wise and informative career choices for the future.
It is hoped that the students took home a swag of interesting literature for them to read and share with their parents. Any further questions arising from their research at the careers market, should lead to them to re-establishing contact with the relevant people they met or discussing that with Mr Taccori in the near future.

John Taccori