Author Visit

Claire Zorn Author Event
On Tuesday 22nd July, ex-St Columba’s pupil Claire Zorn, came to the school to launch her new novel ‘The Protected’. The successful, published author delivered a captivating and impressive presentation followed by an insightful writing workshop for aspiring authors. Claire’s talk was inspiring and sincere. She moved the audience with her personal experiences from which her writing is heavily influenced. She spoke of her favourite literature, growing up in the Blue Mountains and of the challenges she has faced during her writing.

During the writer’s workshop, Claire provided tips on beginning novels, how to collaborate your ideas and enjoying writing. Claire Zorn had an enthusiastic and lively personality, which encouraged students to embrace and appreciate literature.  Her two stories, ‘The Sky So Heavy’ and ‘The Protected’, are award winning, remarkable books.

I thoroughly adored Claire Zorn’s book launch, and I am positive that every student who attended that day found her both engaging and thought provoking.

Jasmine Sharp