40 Hour Famine

St Columba’s is giving up, to help bring the hunger down! The 40 Hour Famine raises money to help children, their families and communities in desperate need. The funds support World Vision’s work
tackling the causes of poverty and by doing 40 Hour Famine, St Columba’s students are a part of a movement of Australians who are willing to take action against hunger.
Right now, millions of people in Rwanda don’t have enough food to eat. Most Rwandan people work in agriculture, but the dense population and hilly terrain mean good farmland is hard to come by. Out‚Äźdated farming techniques and poor infrastructure as a result of the 1994 genocide, also contribute to insufficient harvests. Many families experience regular food shortages, sometimes for four to six months or more. Children eat just one to two meals on a good day. Some days they have no food at all. They go to bed at night hoping sleep will take the pain of hunger away. Each year, malnutrition and hunger related diseases cause 60% of deaths in children under five in developing countries. In a hunger emergency, aid agencies like World Vision try to help as many people as possible through feeding programs for children and by providing clean water and health services to prevent the spread of disease. But in the long term, it is important to help communities develop better ways to grow crops, teach parents about good nutrition and provide opportunities for families to learn new ways to earn money, so if their crops fail, they won’t go hungry. On Friday 29th of August, St Columba’s will be holding a mufti day with gold coin donation. Year 11 students will be participating in World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine, by going 40 hours without furniture. They will be staying overnight at the school without any comforts for 40 hours! Please show your support of these students and their actions for social justice and help fight against poverty and malnutrition all over the world by visiting
https://40hf2014.everydayhero.com/au/stcolumbashighschoolofficial to donate. Your donations allow World Vision to carry out their passion and fulfill their mission of helping those in need all over the world!

$2000 feeds 27 people for 1 year
$1000 feeds 12 people for 1 year
$80 feeds 12 people for 1 month
$40 feeds 6 people for 1 month
$20 feeds 3 people for 1 month

Kate Lutherborrow (Year 11)