Policies and Procedures

St Columba's Catholic College has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our school life. These provide the framework within which we operate.

The Catholic Education Office, Parramatta Diocese also provides advice and recommendations on educational and administrative policies and priorities, and monitors policy implementation.

St Columba's Catholic College Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy
As a Catholic School we are committed to developing an educational and organisational culture based on mutual trust and respect. Bullying is contrary to Gospel values and detrimental to the school’s ethos of and promotion of justice and inclusivity.

Anti-Harassment Policy
Harassment in any form is unacceptable. As educators, we have a responsibility to provide teaching and learning environments that are free from harassment, and that encourage students to develop attitudes and skills that discourage, challenge and report harassment in all forms.

Attendance Policy
Regular attendance at College is essential if students are to maximise their potential. While parents are legally responsible for promoting regular attendance for their children, College staff, as part of their duty of care, monitor absences.

College Uniform Policy
This is the College policy for student uniform and grooming.

Illegal Substance Policy
Our Drug Education Policy aims to foster this vision as well as inform and empower students with responsibility, self discipline and adaptability. Our policy includes education, prevention and intervention strategies.

Learning Preparation Policy
Our policy for student Learning Preparation.

Road Safety Policy
At St Columba’s Catholic College we believe that a road safety policy provides a framework of common understanding for students, staff, parents/carers and the community who interact with the College to provide a safe environment.

Student Awards Policy

When a student’s behaviour is positive, and thereby improves the climate of the College, the school should recognise this and encourage continued co-operation. This can be achieved through student awards.

These are significant awards and are open to all the students of St Columba’s Catholic College, recognising student participation, initiative and achievement both within and beyond the classroom.

The student award scheme is a four-tiered scheme that incorporates elements of in-class, College community and wider community activities. The scheme is progressive, with the degree of difficulty increasing with each level of award. It is student-initiated, with specific goals negotiated between the student and the Leader of Mission. It is based on Merit Certificates.

Student Management Policy
The Student Management Policy of St Columba’s Catholic College aims to develop self discipline in students and to promote ‘full human development’.

Sun Smart Policy
St Columba’s Catholic College encourages students and teachers to take care in the sun by promoting a sun safe attitude, sun safe practices and a risk minimisation culture.

Visitors Policy
We seek to provide an open and friendly learning environment, which values and actively encourages visitors to St Columba’s. At the same time we recognise our duty of care to ensure a safe environment for our students and staff, and we recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve our resources against theft, vandalism and misuse.


System Policies


  Complaint Handling Policy

This policy supports responding to concerns or grievances raised by school community members.

  Complaint Handling Procedures and Guidelines

This document outlines the options and the informal and formal process for raising concerns and managing grievances within our educational communities.

  Procedural Fairness Guidelines

These guidelines outline the process for responding to allegations requiring that issues be put to the respondent before a decision is made about a complaint.

  Alumni collection notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Australian Privacy Principles

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Employment Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Statement

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Compliance Manual

The Privacy Manual contains detailed information and examples about implementation of the Australian Privacy Principles. For the most up-to-date version of the Manual always check CEC's website.

  Standard Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Volunteer and Contractor Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  BOSTES Governance Procedures

The BOSTES Governance Procedures respond to new requirements of the BOSTES Registration Systems and Member Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual.

  Stewardship Policy

This policy sets out the accountabilities for responsible governance and management of CEDP resources

  AntiBullying Procedures

The Anti-Bullying Procedures provide a framework for school communities to work together to prevent and address issues of student bullying.

  Banned Substances Procedure

This Procedure covers the possession and use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or other substances, and the misuse of 'over the counter' and prescribed medications, including the supply of restricted substances on school premises.

  Child Protection Procedures

Replaces former Child Protection Policy

  Suspension Transfer Expulsion and Exclusion Procedures

Revised Sept2013 - includes additional requirement to advise EDS when withdrawing a student during suspension

  Weapons Procedure

The Weapons Procedure aims to prevent prohibited weapons from being present on the school site to minimise risk to staff and students.