Our Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Columba's Catholic College staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

St Columba’s has a committed, highly qualified staff with a mix of youth and experience. This allows for high quality, innovative teaching in an environment in which students of all abilities are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and achieve beyond their expectations.

If you wish to contact a member of staff please phone St Columba’s Catholic College weekdays on 02 4754 8900 or send us an email.


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Staff 2019

College Leadership Team
Mr Paul Ryan
Assistant Principals
Mr Ross Gawthorne / Miss Carol Muscat
Religious Education Co-ordinator
Mr Mark Sattler
Head of Learning Ms Chelsea Gawthorne
Head of Mission Mrs Tracy Mulhall 
Learning Support Co-Ordinator Mrs Melissa Moran
Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator  Ms Candice Ferey 
Administration Co-ordinator Mrs Colleen Mitchell
Business Manager Mr Chris Carpenter

Leaders of Learning
Creative Arts and Performing Arts Mrs Margaret Rust(2pt) Ms Carmen Noonan (1pt)
Mrs Sarah McCauley (2pt) Mr Michael Milgate (1pt)
HSIE  Mrs Amy Wallis (2pt) Mrs Karlie Hollifield (1pt)
LOTE  Mrs Shizue Sato (1pt)
Mathematics  Mrs Rebecca Zammitt, (2pt)  Ms Robyn King (1pt)
PD/H/PE Sports and Events Miss Lisa Nyburg,  (2pt) Mr Greg Clune (2pt)
Religious Education
Mr Mark Sattler (3pt) Mr Bruno Pahlke (1pt) TBA (1pt)
Mrs Cathryn Phillips (2pt) Mrs Chrisy Lekkas (1pt)
Mr Nick Prineas (2pt) Mrs Christie Carey (1pt)
Leader of Teaching & Learning Ms Susan Hill (1pt)
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Mrs Melissa Moran (2pt) Mrs Jennifer Higgins (1pt)
Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinator  Ms Candice Ferey (2pt)
Mr Geoff Sullivan (3pt)
Careers Advisor
Dr John Taccori
Teacher Librarian
Mrs Belinda Sefton

Leaders of Mission
Year 7 - Ms Monique Salloum
Year 10 - Ms Belinda Pranjic
Year 8 - Mr Graham Watson
Year 11 - Mrs Tracy Mulhall
Year 9 - Ms Pip Moore Year 12 - Mr Paul Holmes

Student Leadership 2020

College Captains & Liturgy Ministry:
Mollie Bauerhuit & Tom Gawthorne

College Vice Captains & Liturgy Ministry:
Steffani Sroczynski & Corey Hutchings

Culture & Events Ministry:
Cordelia Galderisi, Zane Nassour, Katelyn Jones & Tyler Pockran

Community & Service Ministry:
Joshus Williamson, Grace Sato, Lachlan Lloyd & Ainsley Mann

Student Care Teams
Year 7 
7.1 Liz Moore
7.2 Katy Carlin
7.3 Andrew Steadman
7.4 Jake Evans
7.5 Hayley Prineas
7.6 Robert Badman

Year 8  
8.1 Karlie Hollifield
8.2 Christie Carey
8.3 Suzanne Davies
8.4 Clayton Clunes
8.5 Anne Ellis
8.6 Darin Carr

Year 9  
9.1 Mark Turnbull
9.2 Nadine Sibbald
9.3 Caeslin Ward
9.4 Elias, Abi-Elias
9.5 Jodie Cusack
9.6 Carmen Noonan

Year 10  
10.1 Michael Milgate
10.2 Vivienne McCallum
10.3 Alison Forsyth
10.4 Vince Gleeson
10.5 Christina Templis
10.6 Megan Weaver

Year 11  
11.1 Leonie Morrison/Bogg Ayesha
11.2 Jaden Ellis
11.3 Paul Waddell
11.4 Greg McDonald
11.5 Robyn King

Year 12  
12.1 Susan Hill
12.2 Christopher Howard
12.3 Jenny Higgins
12.4 Chrisy Lekkas
12.5 Randall Noney
12.6 David O'Doherty

Teaching Staff
  • Abi-Elias, Mr Elias 
  • Badman, Mr Robert
  • Bogg, Mrs Ayesha
  • Carey, Mrs Christie
  • Carlin, Mrs Katy
  • Carr, Mr Darin
  • Chamberlain, Ms Kate
  • Clune, Mr Greg
  • Clunes, Mr Clayton
  • Cusack, Mrs Jodie
  • Davies, Mrs Suzanne
  • Ellis, Mrs Anne
  • Ellis, Ms Jaden
  • Evans, Mr Jake
  • Ferey, Ms Candice
  • Forsyth, Mrs Alsion
  • Gawthorne, Miss Chelsea
  • Gawthorne, Mr Ross
  • Gleeson, Mr Vince
  • Griffiths, Mr Michael
  • Harper, Ms Natasha
  • Higgins, Mrs Jennifer
  • Hill, Ms Susan
  • Hollifield, Mrs Karlie
  • Holmes, Mr Paul
  • Howard, Mr Christopher
  • King, Mr Craig
  • King, Ms Robyn
  • Laporte, Taylor
  • Lekkas, Mrs Chrisy
  • McCallum, Mrs Vivienne
  • McCauley, Mrs Sarah
  • McDonald, Mr Gregory
  • Milgate, Mr Michael
  • Mitchell, Mrs Katy
  • Moore, Mrs Elizabeth
  • Moore, Mrs Philippa
  • Moran, Mrs Melissa
  • Morrison, Ms Leonie
  • Mulhall, Mrs Tracy
  • Muscat, Ms Carol
  • Nixon, Mrs Lydia
  • Noney, Mr Randall
  • Noonan, Ms Carmen
  • Norris, Mrs Laura
  • Nyburg, Ms Lisa
  • O'Doherty, Mr David
  • Pahlke, Mr Bruno
  • Phillips, Mrs Cathryn
  • Pranjic, Mrs Belinda
  • Prineas, Mr Nicholas
  • Prineas, Mrs Hayley
  • Rust, Mrs Margaret
  • Ryan, Mr Paul
  • Salloum, Ms Monique
  • Sato, Mrs Shizue
  • Sattler, Mr Mark
  • Sefton, Mrs Belinda
  • Sibbald, Ms Nadine
  • Steadman, Mr Andrew
  • Taccori, Dr John
  • Templis, Christina
  • Turnbull, Mr Mark
  • Waddell, Mr Paul
  • Wallis, Mrs Amy
  • Ward, Ms Caeslin
  • Watson, Mr Graham
  • Watson, Mr Shane
  • Weaver, Mrs Megan
  • Zammit, Rebecca

Support Staff
  • Brosas, Mrs Judy -Teachers Aide
  • Carpenter, Mr Chris - Business Manager
  • Cini, Mr Paul - Groundsman
  • Contini, Mrs Tessa - Teachers Aide
  • Croft, Mrs Tanya - Student Services
  • Lo Cascio, Mrs Jenny - Principal'sSecretary
  • Eisenhuth, Mrs Kerri - Uniform Shop Assistant
  • Hewitt, Mrs Christine - P.T. Finance Secretary
  • Norris, Mrs Laura - Library Assistant
  • Martin, Mr Joshua -Farmhand (weekends)
  • McCreath, Mr David - I.T. Manager
  • Mitchell, Mrs Colleen - Admin Co-ordinator
  • Morris, Mrs Chantal - Uniform Shop/Student Services
  • Morris, Mrs Patricia - Teachers Aide
  • Newton, Mrs Cath -Sickbay/Curriculum Secretary
  • O'Brien, Mrs Sandra - Enrolments Secretary
  • Rowntree, Mrs Gemma - Food Tech / Lab Assistant
  • Shannon, Mr Neil - Groundsman
  • Stopford, Mrs Catherine - Food Tech Assistant
  • Taylor, Mr Frank - Groundsman
  • Vion, Ms Roselee - Senior Finance Secretary
  • Woodward, Ms Bernadette - Receptionist
  • Wright, Mrs Julie - Lab Assistant

ASPECT staff
  • Gough, Mr Ben
  • Maguire, Mr Ben
  • McAnally, Natalie


Support Staff
  • Bragg, Mr Ron - Groundsman
  • Brosa